Sacramento Movers, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Offers Tips To Avoid Becoming A “Home Invasion Victim”

What a scary thought: our privacy invaded, our vulnerability exposed. Home invasion is a crime of opportunity. It is important we take certain steps to make us least likely to be victims of this invasive crime. “There more we can do to deter criminals from feeling safe breaking in our homes, the less chance we will be victimized,” says Heather Evans certified move consultant at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Sacramento. Here are some steps to empower you when protecting your home. 



1. Create Multiple Layers of Security – Many home invasions occur when we are simply gone for the day, so never think just because you’re not on vacation your home is not going to be targeted. Create more than one layer of protection. Examples: gated community, home security system, dead bolt locks, and video cameras. 


2. Make Sure it Looks Like Someone Lives There – Crooks will less likely rob a home they think is occupied. They want a clean, easy path. It’s best to create live-in activity to give the impression that people are still coming and going from the home.



3. Lights should be on a timer- A good indicator no one is home is the lights being on all the time. An inexpensive solution to this is a small programmable timer. In addition, you may consider installing a motion sensor for your outdoor lights.


4. Make Sure you’ve kept Up On Your Landscape.  – Tall plants and bushes in front of windows are perfect hiding spots for thieves and criminals. Keep them trim and lower than your windows. If you’re going to be away, hire a friend or professional to do they yard work while you’re gone. 



5. Stop Mail Service while you’re Gone- – This is an instant indicator to crooks that you are gone. Also stop delivery of the newspaper as well. 

6. Secure entries with a lock- Seems like a no brainer!! Make sure you keep things closed and locked up when you’re away AND when you’re home. Don’t neglect the outside gate either- make sure it is latched closed. 


7. Have a neighbor house sit.- If you can afford it, have someone stay at your house when you’re away on vacation—especially for extended vacations that last more than just a couple of days. Even if they can only do it part of the time. 



8. A barking Dog – Dogs offer great protection, especially one that barks at strangers. Of course, if you’re away—then you’ve got to have someone maintain the dog’s needs. 


9. Alarm Systems – If you can budget it, install a home security system. And if not, even having the stickers in your window or the sign in your yard is better than nothing. 



10. Never publicly announce you’ll be away.  – Do not leave any messages on your answering machine or even social networking sites (like Facebook) that you will be gone for extended periods of time. You’d be surprised the way criminals scope out these sites looking for their next victims. 


11. Never leave keys outside.  – It is never wise to hide a key under the mat, in a fake rock, the BBQ… nowhere. Just don’t do it. 



12. Leave valuable in unconventional places.  Most intruders go straight for the master bedroom to look for valuables—so it would be wise to place your valuables somewhere else. A locked safe (that can’t be picked up and carried out of the home) is an idea. Or even in another room, such as the bathroom. If you have costume jewelry, keep it in a jewelry box in the master bedroom—this is a simple way to make thieves think this is all there is. 


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