A number of factors may come into play when retirees are deciding where to move for their retirement. However, for those concerned with the expenses they might incur after they stop working, selecting a destination with minimal taxes may maximize retirement savings. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, six destinations may be the best places to move for low income and property taxes.

    Texas,TennesseeandAlaskaare a few to consider. Once you have made up your mind as to where, follow these other tips.

  • Access to health care this should be your second important reason.
  • Social Activities It is critical to investigate what kind of services and recreational activities are available in the new community. Access to a seniors’ network that may include useful services such as homecare, cleaning services, snow removal, and home repair
  • Recreation Recreational facilities and access to outdoor pursuits, will depend on the individual. Find out if the new community has a recreational program for older adults and if there are local groups or clubs, such as a walking group, that invite new older members.
  • Public Transportation And do they offer discounts or special drop off and pick up locations.
  • Climate Some seniors may deal well with colder climates, other not so.
  • Change of lifestyles Are you moving to a senior care facility or just a senior neighborhood.
  • Support Groups Very important to keep you active and healthy.

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