If you find that your home is cluttered with items you no longer use, not to fret. There still may be use and life left in your discards and with a little effort, says Brent Larson with Two Men And A Truck, you may even convert some castoffs into cold, hard cash as well as deductions on your next tax return. Brent says by using his guide chart will help you get started.

Get rid of old clothes

Sell them at a garage sale, yard sale or online.

Consign never-worn or designer-brand items less than 2 years old.

Sell vintage clothing (made more than 20 years ago) to retro stores.

Donate to charities such as Goodwill and the American Cancer Society.

Worn out sneakers can go to Nike at nikereuseashoe.com.

Get rid of excess wire hangers

If they’re in good shape, give them to dry cleaners or charity stores.

Donate old eyeglasses

You can give them to the Lion’s Club Recycle for Sight program (lionsclubs.org).

Drop-off locations include Goodwill, LensCrafters stores and community offices.

Give away old towels, blankets and linens

The Humane Society will accept most.

Items in decent, usable condition can be donated to shelters the homeless.

Throw out old magazines—but not in the trash

Donate them to hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors offices.

Donate needless subscriptions to public libraries and schools.

And, of course, you can recycle.

Other items to find new homes for

Sell books to resale stores or donate them to charities, schools and shelters.

Sell computers, printers and other technology devices through eBay.

Donate sporting goods to youth sports programs, schools or organizations in your local area.

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