First and foremost of course is common sense. Respect the water and be aware of its power says Heather Brown at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Wear sun block and bring plenty of drinking water, it gets HOT out there!! The Following tips are some things you may not have thought about.

Make sure someone knows where you are… and when you’ll return. This will alert someone if you don’t return as expected.

When you are in white waters be aware of the limits of you and anyone else that is with you.

Wear your life vest… at all times.

Never go 2 at a time into a channel, let one watercraft pass through at a time; this prevents two boats from getting stuck in the channel.

Wear proper footwear, going barefoot is very dangerous on the river.

Always have a first aid kit nearby… and seriously consider having at least one in the group who knows CPR.

Be prepared for extreme weather; educate yourself on the symptoms and treatments of both hypothermia & heat exhaustion

Make sure the path is clear before running a rapid.

If you’re not sure of the waters, your capability or your safety, don’t risk it.

Eat lightly prior to any strenuous swimming, the heat can deplete your energy quickly—fruit and lots of water are recommended.

Wear sun block and reapply often throughout the day.

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