You may not realize it, but the simple act of smiling can change the entire course of your life: one smile at a time. It’s simple, easy and can literally change your mood from down and out to good. Even if you don’t feel like it: SMILE—- here’s why!

Smiling makes you more appealing to look at – When you smile people are more attracted to you

When you smile, it says you’re positive – People want to be around happy people, and smiling makes us happy

It’s Contagious! – Rarely will you smile at someone and not get a smile in return

It reduces stress – Our face is like the closed caption story of our life, smile make it a positive story

Brighten someone’s Day – It really helps you feel good to receive a smile, go ahead, pass it on to someone!

Takes years off our look – Smiling people not only look less stressed, they look younger as well!

Makes us look confident – You’ll look more open to conversation and able to “hold your own”

It is important we not only feel good about ourselves, but to help others feel good too. Smile! It’s cheap, fast and easy to do…. Yet the results are PRICELESS!!

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