There’s no better way to get the morning started than with a good cup of coffee. Everyone has his or her preferences when it comes to coffee. Some prefer coffee black, some like a cup of tall diet coffee with a pinch of espresso and cinnamon added for additional flavor.  For those who want to start making coffee from home or for those who have been making their own coffee for years… these secret coffee making tips will spice up any cup of coffee.

Use whole coffee beans and grind them yourself, rather than using pre-ground coffee. Coffee beans retain freshness much longer than ground coffee and freshness equates to greatness with coffee.

Once coffee is roasted it begins to expire. So while you may be tempted to grab a bag from the nearby grocery store, buying from a professional roaster may be worth going out of your way for. Coffee that comes from a professional roaster will be much more fresh, leading to a far superior cup of coffee. You can buy from professional roasters online or from your local coffee shop.

We all know how easy and “economical” it is to buy coffee in bulk. This works if you go through it quickly. However coffee goes stale within1-3 weeks so you don’t want to buy in bulk if you won’t use it up in that amount of time.

While many believe in freezing their coffee to retain freshness, this should not be done! If you freeze your coffee it will begin to take on the scent and flavor of all the other food you’ve got in there. Instead, keep it at room temperature in an airtight container.

Have you ever tried using a French press to make your coffee? Maybe it’s time to give it a try. Why? This style of coffee-brewing enables the coffee and water to have a longer amount of contact without boiling the coffee. Can you say dark coffee?

Put these secrets to practice, add your cinnamon and cream and enjoy the best cup of home-made coffee. Now all you need is your newspaper and your morning is off to a fresh, tasty, energized start.

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