Barring becoming a hermit and living in a cave, we can’t totally avoid being exposed to the sun. Nor should we try, says Heather at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Sacramento. There are some ways that we can enjoy the sun and physical outdoor activity while reducing our risk of the damaging effect of UV Rays.

Sun Protection is not only for days off spent at the beach or pool. We ought to protect our skin daily. Too much exposure can lead to a preventable problem like skin cancer.

The steps are simple and easy.

Cover your skin: Wear clothing to cover as much skin as possible. Understandably, we tend to wear less clothing in the heat of summer. Find a balance you can live with. And if you can protect your skin with clothing while still having summer fun, do so.

Covering up doesn’t block out all UV rays. Clothing that you can see through does allow UV rays through also.

Use Sunscreen. Using sunscreen, like wearing more clothes, should not be considered a cure all. While it does help, different forms provide different protection. Read the labels. When deciding on a sunscreen , be sure to read the label before you purchase. Many groups, including theAmericanAcademy of Dermatology, recommend products with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. And remember, no sunscreen protects you completely.

Wear something on your head, like a hat Wearing a hat with a brim all the way around is ideal because it offers protection to your ears, forehead and even your neck all at once.

Wear sunglasses that block UV rays. Something we often don’t even think of– long unprotected exposure to the sun, is a leading cause of eye disease. Check the individual sunglasses for the UV protection level.

Avoid the direct sun during high noon. The sun’s rays are often strongest mid day; take this into account when planning outdoor activities.

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