Have you ever considered living aboard? It could be a great life… you avoid traffic jams, can cool off in the water any time, and you can pick up and move anywhere you want. However it could also be a very tedious life… there’s the toilet to empty, grocery shopping would become quite a feat, not to mention the danger of weathering out a storm. Your Sacramento Moving Company considers the pros and cons of living on a houseboat.


  • The water is you backyard… and your front yard – if you love the water, you would love this aspect of living on a houseboat.
  • No more lawn work!
  • You still get all the luxury of a land-based home – Many modern houseboats come with full kitchens, bathroom and shower, as well as TV and radio. What more could you need for a simple life on the water?
  • No more traffic jams!
  • Mobility – You can move your houseboat up and down the river or lake any time you need a change of scene.
  • No taxes – That’s right. Living on the water you have no obligation to pay property tax


  • Close quarters – Bedrooms and bathrooms are as minimal as it gets. This style of living may not work for you if you get claustrophobic.
  • This may not be the safest place during a storm
  • Getting groceries becomes a hassle – You can’t just dash around the corner to the local super market… it becomes a serious journey.
  • Chores – Emptying the boat bathroom and cleaning the deck
  • Hidden Costs – You can’t simply just buy the boat and move in. You will also have to consider the costs of renting a dock somewhere, insurance, licenses, fuel, maintenance and all those regular bills you would have at any home such as electricity and cable.

There seems to be a pretty even split of pros and cons to the houseboat lifestyle. So what do you think? Would You Do It?

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