You want to hire a professional mover but you’re afraid of the cost? Here are some suggestions for keeping the costs down.

1. Get an accurate estimate. Cutting down costs starts before the first box is packed. When you call around to reserve a moving company, be sure you’re asking the right questions. Many movers will quote you less and add on additional costs such as double drive time, fuel charges, worker’s comp fees, etc. Be sure to ask moving companies how they charge and if these fees are included. Also in order to get the most accurate estimate possible, ask your mover to come to your house and do and in-home estimate prior to the move.

2. Do the packing yourself. There are plenty of reasons to have your belongings professionally packed for you. For example, this service ensures proper packing materials are used to protect items or it simply pares down what you have to do before the move.  However if you are strapped for cash, rolling out the bubble wrap and packing tape yourself can save you some money. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get started early and have the right packing supplies for the job.

3. Don’t forget to disconnect. There’s nothing worse than being charged for something you aren’t using. Make sure that you schedule disconnect times one or two weeks before the move. You will need to do this for gas, electric, water, landline phones, Internet, cable TV, newspapers, magazines, lawn service, and any other regularly billed services.

4. Disassemble your furniture items. One way to speed things up on move day is to do any disassembly of furniture yourself. This will speed things up when the professional movers are there to load the truck. This cuts down on the amount of time that you are paying for their services. Just make sure that as you take apart furniture and other times that you tape all parts to the main base so that small parts do not get lost in the move.

5. Be ready on move day. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the quicker the move will go and the less time you will be paying for professional movers. If you’ve chosen to do all the packing yourself, make sure everything is finished being packed before the movers arrive. Make sure all boxes have tops so that they can be stacked on the truck. Also if you purchase uniform box sizes, rather than using castaway supermarket boxes and such, it will make loading and unloading quicker and more efficient. Another good idea is to label boxes saying which room each box will be moved to so that the movers will know exactly where items need to be placed in the new home without having to ask you.

For more tips for a successful move day, see our Home Moving Tips  page.

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