1. Check your home-owners insurance. Before purchasing additional coverage for the move, check your home-owners insurance. Often times this coverage is in effect when your belongings are both in your home and in the moving truck. You will also want to find out if all your items are covered or if only a select dollar amount of your goods apply to the policy.

2. Only hire movers that are insured and bonded. When selecting professional movers confirm that the company is insured and bonded. What this means is that in case any of your belongings are damaged due to the mover’s handling, (they are responsible for the damage) they have an insurance policy that will cover the cost. However the amount that the mover is required to reimburse you is minimal so it may be a good idea to purchase additional valuation coverage if that is a concern to you. To learn more about valuation, check out our PDF “Valuation Insurance” on our Moving Guides page.

3. Hire professionals to pack everything securely. One advantage of having professional movers do the packing is that you ensure proper packing materials are used and everything is well padded. If any items are damaged that were professionally packed, the company can be held liable and be required to pay out at least a small sum of money. If you do decide to do the packing yourself, be extra careful and be sure to read up on proper packing tips. Even if you are just going a short distance, the majority of damage occurs within the home as items are being shifted or packed. In other words… don’t skip on the bubble wrap  even if you are only moving across the street.

4. Lock it up on the road. Beyond just packing well and insuring your belongings, make sure to lock up the truck while on the road if you are doing a self-move. You don’t want to stop for lunch and come back to a ransacked moving truck. Also, if your possessions will be held for a long period of time between point A and point B, you will want to make sure items are not packed in such a way that furniture and electronic equipment can be damaged due to temperature changes.

Our Sacramento Moving Company employs a staff of over 40 Full-Time Movers and Drivers, with a fleet of 10 trucks. We have performed home and business moving services in and around the Greater Sacramento area for almost 10 years. Sacramento Movers also offers packing services and we also sells boxes and packing supplies.

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