If you are doing a move across the state or even across the country and have kids in tow… a little planning in advance for the car ride can go a long way. Here are some ideas to keep the little ones busy on the drive.

Individual activities. Bring books, toys, and music to keep kids engaged. You may consider getting small portable DVD players so that they can watch movies. Just don’t forget the headphones!

Family activities. Another way to keep things interesting is to engage everyone in an ongoing game. Here are a few examples of games that can involve the whole family.

  • The alphabet game. Players must look at signs along the road to find words that contain each letter in the alphabet. Players must go in order from A to Z not skipping any letters. The first one to spot every letter in the alphabet in order wins! Keep in mind that license plates and other words on cars do not count. Only words found on signs on the side of the road, billboards or buildings count. Also no word can be used twice.
  • The license plate game. Make a list of every state and give it to each player. When players spot a license plate from another state they get to cross that plate off their list. The first player to spot all of the (or the most) license plates wins!
  • Slug bug! Every time a player spots a Volkswagen Beetle that player yells, “slug bug” and gets a point. Volkswagen vans get 5 points. You can also choose a wild card vehicle worth 10 points. The player with the most points at the end wins!

Bring along snacks. Minimize stops at the service station by packing snacks for the road. You can also pack lunch and save money on going out to eat. Try to choose food items that do not leave too may crumbs in the car or messy fingers. Bring along a favorite candy as reward for winning a family game or just for good behavior!

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