We all know several benefits of having regular exercise habits. For example longer life, fewer medical problems, and most of all… it keeps the weight off. But have you considered how doing a consistent workout could benefit you when you’re ready to pack up the house and move? Here are a few ways you will reap rewards from regular exercise when move day rolls around.

1. Capacity to lift more. This one is a little obvious… lift your weights and you will find it easier to lift hearty furniture and boxes.

2. Reduces chance of injury. If you are physically toned you will be less likely to over-strain muscles or pull your back.

3. Stress relief. Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. What better way to keep the stress at bay than to prepare your body with a workout? You will have a physical outlet for your frustration and the chance to clear your head.

4. Energy Boost. When you exercise consistently your body functions more efficiently resulting in you being able to go about your daily activities feeling less fatigued. On move day you will need that extra energy.

Still not motivated to hit the gym? It’s O.K. Sit back, relax and let your professional movers do the heavy lifting!

Our Sacramento Moving Company employs a staff of over 40 Full-Time Movers and Drivers, with a fleet of 10 trucks. We have performed home and business moving services in and around the Greater Sacramento area for almost 10 years. Sacramento Movers also offers packing services and we also sells boxes and packing supplies.

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