Change can be hard for children and moving to a new home can be especially scary for little ones. Take a moment to consider a few ways how you can make the move as smooth and easy a transition for them as possible.

Help them get used to the idea of moving. As soon as you’ve decided you will be moving, let the kids know so that they have plenty of time to adjust to the thought of a new home. Explain what the house looks like or even better take your child to see it if possible. Taking a tour may even help your child to become excited about the new place and look forward to moving in.

Include them in the to-do list. Assign your child duties to prepare for move day such as helping pack up their room or the pet toys. You could also give them small boxes and ask them to stack books inside for an easy packing assignment.

Encourage them to maintain friendships. If your children will be leaving friends behind, encourage them to keep in contact and set up play dates so that they don’t loose friends in addition all the familiar surroundings.

Help your child decorate their room. Setting up the new bedroom can be fun and exciting if you make a play date out of it. Spend the time and crank up your energy to help your kid adjust to their new surroundings by helping them set up their room to their liking. The sooner you can put familiar objects in the room, the more quickly your child will feel at home at the new dwelling place.

Do you have any great tips for moving with kids? Let us know!

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