In our recent blog post we explained Specialty Moving Boxes And How To Pack Them. Besides boxes, there are several other items that are useful when you’re packing up to move. Here we discuss everything from stretch wrap to markers so that you can get an idea of what items you will need before you begin packing.

Bubble wrap – bubble wrap is the ultimate cushioning material. You may not want to wrap everything in bubble wrap or it could get expensive and consume a lot of space in the boxes. However this packing material is perfect for wrapping small, fragile items that have already been wrapped in tissue. You can also use this to wrap lamps, electronics and larger breakable items. Every picture and mirror should be wrapped in bubble wrap before being packed in a picture box.

Tissue paper – Tissue paper is thinner and softer than packing paper, and is ideal for wrapping around delicate items such as fragile figurines. However don’t plan to pack the whole house with tissue paper since for bulkier items it would take several sheets of tissue to create a protective cushion.

Packing paper/plain newsprint – Packing paper should be used as cushioning around items that are to be boxed up. In some cases you could use newspaper or paper grocery bags that you may have on hand. Newspaper could be workable for wrapping some items such as tennis shoes or tools in the garage. Be careful what you wrap in newspaper because the ink on the page can easily smudge onto your fine china or lamp shades. For most of your household items, your best bet is to use plain packing paper which is clean and sanitary.

Permanent marker – This one is easy to find, since most of us already have a permanent marker laying around the house somewhere. A great idea would be to use multiple colors of markers or get one black marker and several different colors of paper to label your boxes. Using colors to identify what rooms boxes will be place in is great idea to make the move a quicker, easier process. Movers will see the colorful writing or colorful paper and immediately be able to associate it with a given room in the move-to house where the box should be placed. For example you could use green labels for the living room, orange for the kitchen, and blue for the bedroom. Also don’t forget to note the contents of the box so you will know where to begin unpacking. Mark boxes with the words “fragile” and “this side up” when appropriate.

Packing tape – Make sure to seal your boxes with packing tape. Duct tape doesn’t adhere well to corrugated cardboard and you wouldn’t want to risk putting together boxes with duct tape only for them to fall apart and damage your belongings. For the best support, stagger three strips of clear plastic packing tape across the seam of the box on both the bottom and the top.

Resalable plastic bags – Small plastic bags are wonderful for keeping track of small items in the shuffle of the move. Use these bags to store nails, screws, framing hardware, nuts and bolts as you disassemble items. Label each bag and put them all in a box together or tape each bag to the corresponding disassembled item. You can also use plastic bags for packing kitchen pantry items to prevent spillage. Use these for cooking oil, spices, and your salt and pepper shakers. Remember that perishable food items should not be loaded onto the moving truck.

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