If you are planning a do-it-yourself move, you may find yourself packing everything and getting the truck rented, meanwhile forgetting to buy, rent, or borrow from a friend, a few essential tools that should be included on the moving truck for your move day. When you hire professional moves, these tools often are already included on the truck. However if you rent a truck, you will need to procure these items separately.

Dollies, Hand Trucks, Carts and Straps

For large furniture pieces and appliances, make sure to have hand trucks or dollies available to roll a piece from the home into the truck. While moving large pieces, be sure to secure the item to the dolly using straps. Once your items have been loaded on to the truck, secure items in place using straps attached to the inside walls of the truck.

Floor Runners

With the high traffic of moving items in and out of doorways and halls, it’s always a good idea to lay down some floor runners to protect your carpet or wood flooring. This is especially important in wet weather, since you never want to track dirt or moisture into a new home. Neoprene runners work best as the material absorbs moisture and dirt and will not slip under foot. You could use other materials however make sure that whatever material you use will not cause you to slip and fall.

Furniture Blankets and Stretch Wrap

Furniture blankets also known as furniture pads or furniture quilts, can be rented or purchased from truck rental companies, moving companies, and some storage facilities. Furniture pads should be used to protect all your furniture items from being scratched, chipped, or damaged while being moved from point A to point B. Stretch wrap which is like an industrial saran wrap can also be purchased from movers or storage facilities. Once you’ve padded furniture items with furniture blankets, stretch wrap each piece to secure the padding to the piece. Items that are stretch wrapped will be less likely to be damaged since the adhesive quality prevents items from shifting around on the truck.

Mattress Bags

You can purchase mattress bags from your moving company or storage facility. While this may seem like an added expense, you can actually save money by using mattress bags. If you do not use mattress bags to protect your furniture, your other options are to stretch wrap it or not to cover it at all and simply put it on the truck as-is. Keep in mind that a mattress that is uncovered will come in contact with outdoor debris and any dirt or germs it rubs up against while on the moving truck. In favor of a more sanitary option, many people will stretch wrap the mattress. However the amount of stretch wrap that is used plus the time that it takes to stretch wrap a mattress will end up costing more in the long run the using a simple mattress bag.

Tool Kit

Make sure that you have the tools handy to dis-assemble and re-assemble furniture. You also may need to remove doors off of appliances in order to fit them through the entry way. Before the move, assemble a box of basic tools needed for such tasks as well as any owner’s manuals for appliances so you will have directions for re-assembly. You should also have at least two safety cones to place by the corners of the moving truck where it may be an obstacle in the road for other drivers.

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