Many professional moving companies will move your appliances for you however they do not connect or disconnect appliances since they are not certified plumbers. It then falls to you to either get a plumber to disconnect your washer, dryer and refrigerator or do it yourself.  Be sure to find your owner’s manuals and read the instructions on disconnecting appliances. If you have lost your original owner’s manual, you can usually find a copy on the appliance manufacturer’s website. We’d like to offer some additional tips for preparing your appliances for the move.


This one takes some advance planning. Be sure to empty the contents of your refrigerator 24 hours (or more for the freezer) before your move to make sure that it has time to defrost. Disconnect the water line following the guidelines in your owner’s manual or hire a plumber. Once the water line is fully drained and the refrigerator or freezer is defrosted, clean the inside of the unit. Thoroughly clean the appliance on the inside walls, ceiling and shelves. You can do this with a cloth and dish soap or a mild cleaner. Wipe all surfaces thoroughly with a clean, dry rag. You may wish to remove all shelved and storage bins that could shift in transit. Pack these separately and label the box. Tape the electrical cord to the back of the unit so it is out of the way for the move.

Washing Machine

Check to be sure that you remove all clothes from the machine. Some manufacturers will recommend bolting down the “tub” or “drum” of the machine so check the owner’s manual to be sure. Turn off the water at your home then remove the machine’s hoses from both the cold water and hot water faucets. It’s a good idea to have a bucket available that you can drain the hoses into. Wrap each hose in a towel and place it inside the washing machine. Secure the lid closed with masking tape and tape the electrical cord to the back of the appliance so that it’s out of the way.


Remove all clothing from the dryer then clean out the lint filter. If it’s a gas dryer, disconnect the gas supply at your home. Disconnect and disassemble the vent then clean it out, so that there is no dust, dirt, or lint. Secure the door closed with masking tape and tape the electrical cord to the back of the dryer.

Taking these preliminary steps a day or two before the move will really speed thing up on move day. If you will be loading appliances into the moving truck yourself rather than having professional movers do it, be sure to secure each appliance to the tuck using straps. Place the refrigerator on one side of the truck and the washer and dryer on the opposite side to ensure that the weight of these items is evenly distributed across the truck.

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