If you’ve decided to do the move yourself and rent out a moving truck, you may want to consider how you will efficiently and safely pack the moving truck. Or perhaps you’ve hired movers to do your move but you still want to understand the process for loading a moving truck. Here we break down the truck into sections called “tiers” and explain how to load each tier.

Fill the attic. The attic is the part of the moving truck that stretches out above the cab of the truck. It is the perfect place to put your dining table and antiques. First lay down furniture pads and place your padded and stretch wrapped dining table upside down in the attic of the truck. Pack boxes or padded antique items on top and around the table. Fill any extra space with light weight or soft items such as rolled up rugs, linens, or pillows. Secure attic items in place using straps. You can also stand a mattress up against the front of the truck so that the top of the mattress provides a wall for the items in the attic.

Tier 1. This is the front of the moving truck right behind the cab and the attic. Tier 1 is where you can stand mattresses and box springs on their sides. You can place your padded pictures, mirrors, or headboards between mattresses for extra cushioning. Place the sofa and love seat on end and use straps to secure each one to the side of the truck. Any other heavy furniture should be secured in this tier. Stack items from floor to ceiling, putting heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Make sure to pack tightly, leaving no space for shifting. Once you’ve filled this tier to the ceiling, section it off and secure the load with straps.

Tier 2. Place lighter furniture items in the second tier. Tables, chairs, and small desks work well in this space. Avoid loading furniture against other furniture or the truck walls without proper padding. You can also continue to pack your boxes into this space, packing around the furniture to fill in space and prevent shifting. Remember to place the heavier items toward the bottom and the lighter ones toward the top. Section off this tier and secure it with straps.

Tier 3. Place your appliances against the walls of the moving truck. Put the washer and dryer on one side and the refrigerator on the other so that the weight is evenly distributed. Secure the appliances to the sides of the moving truck with straps. Be cautious about stacking anything on top of appliances since they may not be able to support much weight without sustaining damage. If you place items on top of appliances, be sure that the items are lightweight and there is a layer of cushioning between them and the appliances. Fill in this last tier with oddly shaped items such as the lawn mower, bicycles or garage items. Continue filling in the space with any other lightweight items.

Additional loading tips. If your load does not completely fill the truck from floor to ceiling, front to back, then taper your tiers. Make tier one the tallest with tier two a couple feet shorter and tier three a few feet shorter still.  Be sure that all items on the truck are either padded and stretch wrapped or packed in moving boxes. If you use uniform moving boxes rather than grocery boxes that are irregular shapes and sizes, you will find it easier to stack boxes evenly throughout the truck. Be careful not to load flammable or perishable items onto the truck as well as living items including pets or plants. These may not survive a long hot ride.

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