Although to some it may seem like a funny little night time saying, bed bugs actually do bite and they leave itchy little marks on the skin. These are similar in size, appearance, and itchiness to mosquito bites but often you will notice them in the morning after a night’s sleep. While you may be helpless to ward of these critters in sleep, there are some steps you can take to get rid of or prevent bed bugs from spreading in your home.

Where to find them? Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not only live in your bed. Bed bugs will hide during the day, making them hard to spot, but being nocturnal, they will come out to find food (i.e. human or animal blood) during the night. They hide on mattresses, box springs, headboards, behind wall paper and picture frames and on baseboards, carpet, even in electrical outlets. If your home is a little more cluttered, you’re giving these little critters that many more places to hide. Generally cluttered homes are more likely to have bed bug infestation. Look in the places mentioned and keep an eye out for tiny black dots along the edge of your mattress or the crevice between your baseboard and carpet.

How to get rid of them? There are several solutions for getting rid of bed bugs, some more effective than others. One solution would be to call a pest control professional or if you are able to locate the bed bugs yourself, you could try using at-home insecticide treatments.

How to prevent them? Since clutter is a great place for bed bugs to hide, begin with narrowing down the clutter in your home. Whenever you wash your bed sheets, inspect the sheets and the mattress for any small black spots. Vacuum regularly.  Avoid bringing used or second hand furniture into your home and thoroughly clean your suitcases and clothing after traveling in case they may have picked up bed bugs in hotel rooms. When you move, protect your mattresses by using mattress bags. You don’t want to expose your mattress to these critters while moving it in and out of the house or loading it on the moving truck. You can also permanently keep mattresses and sofas in bed bug proof mattress covers available at home improvement stores. These protect from bed bugs, dust mites, and allergy triggers.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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