If this is the year you decided to ditch the Halloween costume shop in search of a fun do-it-yourself costume, you’re in luck! Not only have we thought up some fun do-it-yourself options, but all of them can be made with things you have around the home or can get cheaply: packing materials! You can convert cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and a little paint into some of the best Halloween costumes.

(Photo Credit: CountryLiving.com)

Lego Block. Take a cardboard box and glue or duct tape onto the front disposable drink cups. Line up two rows of cups so that they make even ridges similar to a Lego block. Spray paint the whole box in a bright color such as red, blue, green, or yellow. Don’t forget to cut holes for arms, head and legs. Wear matching long sleeves and pants underneath.

Facebook Page. Take a large flat piece of cardboard and paint it white. Draw the outline of a Facebook profile page including the status update box, a few wall posts, and maybe a Farmville update. Use markers to color in detail on the page. Cut a hole where the profile photo would go. Then just hold up this “page” so that the profile picture cut-out goes right around the person’s face.

Bubble Wrap Snowman. For this you will need a lot of bubble wrap. Simply wrap bubble wrap around the person several times until they look snowy and plump. Use a marker to draw buttons on the chest. Wear a top hat and scarf and carry a broom.

(Photo Credit: MovingInsider.com)

Barbie and Ken. If you’re looking for a couples costume try Barbie and Ken. Put on some trendy duds then all you need is a shiny pink box with a “Mattel” sticker on it. To do this, use a large box. Flatten it and cut it to about the size of a door frame. Slightly below the middle of the box leave a diagonal strip long enough to write “Ken” or “Barbie” across the front of the box (see photo). Paint the whole surface pink then write “Mattel” in the top corner. Each person holds a frame. Don’t forget to smile!

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