Want to throw a Halloween Party without draining the wallet? Adding up the expense of the décor, festive activities and food, not to mention a Halloween costume can be a scary prospect. But don’t give up on having some friends over quite yet. Sacramento Movers share tips on how to host a Halloween party on a tight budget.

1. Go Paperless. With two weeks till Halloween, this is the perfect time to send out those invitations. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this, risking a disappointingly poor turnout. While those witch-hat invitations you saw at the store looked terribly cute, don’t spend the extra buck on paper and postage. Create a quick and easy invitation through online event services such as Facebook invitations or Evite. These useful tools will even send guests reminders and collect RSVPs. The best part? These online invitations are absolutely free!

2. Make It A Potluck. Whether this party will be a sit down dinner or simply afternoon or evening snacks, ask the guests to bring a food item. Perhaps give suggestions for preferred dishes or ask each person to bring a bag of candy. Some ideas for inexpensive snacks include homemade caramel apples, caramel popcorn balls, or homemade frosted cookies.

3. Dollar Décor. Keep things simple and shop at the Dollar Store or 99 Cent Store for festive party décor. Use orange and black streamers and balloons or fill a bundle of white balloons with helium and draw ghost faces on them. Carved pumpkins are fun if you have the money for it, but if that is pushing it, use stencils on orange paper to make cut-out jack-o-lanterns which can be hang from the ceiling or stuck to the wall. Finish off this festive setting with streaming a Halloween Playlist through free online music sites Pandora or Songza.

4. Costume It Up. What’s a Halloween party without costumes? Although buying a ready-made costume from a Halloween costume shop can cost an arm and a leg, there’s no reason to skip the costumes entirely. Go to a thrift store to find items that can be repurposed into an epic Halloween costume. Consider being Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka, the Joker from the movie Batman, or anything else that catches your interest. Sometimes the costumes that require more personalization and creativity end up winning the show.

5. Plan Fun Activities. Have a fun activity in mind to keeps the guests engaged. Consider what age group will be in attendance and come up with activities suiting that group. It could be a scary movie, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, three-legged races, or a costume contest. For any contests or games that honor a winner, have a prize on hand. This could be something simple such as a bag of candy or a toy from the Dollar Store. Costume contests are a good idea for any age of guests. If a costume contest is on the agenda for the night, let guests know in advance so that they have a chance to come up with something extra special.

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