The kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to pack. Many people opt to have this room alone packed even if they can’t afford to have the whole house packed by a moving company. Considering how many oddly shaped or fragile items this room has, not to mention the sheer amount of pieces to be packed, it certainly makes sense to hire someone else to do it. However, for those trying to keep costs down or who would just rather do the job themselves, here are some tips for packing up the kitchen before a move.

Start the pack job well before the move day. The more time in advance the better as this will give you the opportunity to carefully pack each item and get extra supplies if necessary. For tips on moving large appliances including the refrigerator check out our blog post on preparing appliances for the move.

Begin with packing items that are not used often such as fine china dishware, stemmed glasses, seasonal or decorative dishes, souvenir mugs, as well as party platters or food warmers. Wrap china and glassware in plain packing paper so that newspaper ink will not bleed onto these delicate items. Thoroughly pad the bottom of the dish pack and put extra stuffing in the corners of the boxes which are the most likely to be smashed in. Place the heavier items toward the bottom of the box using cell dividers to keep dishes in place. Pack glasses and stemware toward the top of the box.

In small moving boxes pack cookbooks with their binding facing up. If you have additional space in this box you can stow away decorative items, coasters, placemats or other miscellaneous items. You can also use small boxes to pack up cooking utensils and kitchen knife sets. Pack away your spices in small moving boxes. You may want to pack oils and spice jars that could spill in individual zip lock baggies to keep everything else in the box clean and dry.

In large or medium size boxes, pack your pots, pans, and small appliances. Wrap each item. Pack the toaster oven, microwave, rice cooker, mixer, and coffee pot. Pots and pans can be wrapped and placed within each other, larger pans at the bottom and smaller ones stacked on top.  You may want to think through ahead of time which items you will need till move day for last minute cooking and leave these aside.

As the last few days approach, begin packing your everyday dishware and utensils. If you want to really make things easier, you may consider getting paper plates and cups to use so that you can pack up your dishes before the last minute. Remember, heavier items at the bottom, lightweight glassware up top.

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