It’s true, a “desk-to-desk” move may sound a little unconventional but it’s certainly something that happens quite frequently. This type of move happens when furniture is being moved within an office or when office staff shift around to new workstations within the same office. The reason for this could be the addition of new employees in which room must be made for additional desks, or the removal of desks for a downsized business. Or best of all is the promotion when a promoted employee moves into a new office.

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There are several factors to consider in a desk-to-desk move. Here’s a checklist to get you through the change:

Begin with a purge! The best time to weed out items you no longer need is before a move. Take the time to go through the files and shred or recycle any documents you no longer need to keep. Get rid of promotional items that were given to you which do nothing but clutter the workspace.

Clean up. This goes for both the desk you are moving out of and the one you will be moving into. It’s best to start with a clean slate, so before taking over your new desk, be sure that the counters, floor and keyboard are clean. Clear out any items left in the drawers and shelves of the new desk that may have been left by the previous employee. Also clean your old desk as a courtesy to whoever may be taking your place.

Label the boxes. Even if you’re moving within the same building, it’s still important to keep organized. Place articles and files neatly in boxes and label the contents and the work station they will be moved to. This is especially important when the furniture in the office is being moved and all the desks are being emptied and shuffled around.

Set up electronics. If the actual workstations are being shuffled around, all the computers, printers and phones will need to be adjusted accordingly. Once electronics are placed in their new homes, test them to be sure everything links up properly.

Personalize the space. When the move is complete, take a few moments to make it feel homey. This could be setting up a couple framed pictures of loved ones, decorating with indoor plants, or hanging a fresh art piece on the wall. If the move happened along with a promotion, don’t forget to order business cards with your new title!

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