Moving can be one of the most disruptive events for both home and business moves. Offices may have to discontinue business for a couple hours or even a couple days to complete to move and get all the technology up and running again. In addition to this there is the cost to consider. Beyond the cost of the boxes, packing supplies, and the moving company, there is also the cost of lost revenue during the hours the move is taking place. The best way to face these office relocation issues, is to have a good plan from the get go. Here are some suggestions.


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Plan far in advance. The sooner you begin the planning, the better a chance you have at continuing business as usual through the move. First decide who will be the primary contact person for the move. This person will handle all the details of the move internally and work with relocation companies, the moving crew on move day, and delegate tasks to office personnel. If the person who sets up the move is different from the person who will oversee the move on the day of, be sure the moving company is informed of the name and phone number of the person they will report to on move day. Also be sure that these two people talk thoroughly about what will happen on move day. It’s crucial that anyone involved in the decision making or facilitation of the move is in agreement about how it will be carried out.

Delegate tasks to office personnel. Ask each employee to pack and move any personal items such as framed photos, small desk fans or heaters, staplers, notepads, business cards, etc. You may go so far as to ask each employee to take their own computer with them to the new office space. This is a great way to ensure that personal items are not lost or damaged in the shuffle of the move. You may go so far as to assign one employee to dismount all hanging photographs, one to pack all file cabinets, and one to pack the break room. Set deadlines for tasks to be done so that items are packed and ready to go when the move begins.

Plan the move during non-peak times. If your company is busiest during the summer, avoid moving during the summer if possible. If your business is open from 8-5, Monday through Friday, then consider doing the move over the weekend or in the evening after a work day. Some relocation companies will be flexible with you on moving during non-business hours. If you do need to stop business during regular hours to complete the move, consider setting up the voicemail to notify customers of the interruption and that all calls will be returned at a set time.

Get reconnected quickly. Before the move, schedule reconnects for all office equipment. Call the printer, computer, internet, phone or electrical technicians to come out as soon as the move is complete. If these technicians are contacted prior to the move, you won’t have to worry about showing up to the office on Monday morning with no internet or phone lines set up.

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