Have you ever considered standing at your desk rather than sitting? Are you planning an office relocation or remodel? If so this may be the best time to make the switch to using ergonomic work spaces. Many leaders in the business world are making the switch to ergonomic desks for their employees as multiple studies reveal the detriment of sitting at a desk for the duration of a work day. Less time sitting can actually be very beneficial since, “being seated less than three hours daily could boost life expectancy by two years” read an article published by San Francisco Gate. Companies such as Google, Intuit and Twitter have made the transition to offering employees standing and sitting desk options. The intention is to maximize productivity by reducing the fatigue and discomfort of office personnel and promote long-term health.

There are several solutions available for ergonomic work spaces. One of the most popular solutions is an adjustable height desk which allows the worker the option of standing or sitting at the desk at any given time. The Ergo Desktop offers several desks with a surface raiser for the computer and keyboard portion of the desk. This design allows for an easy transition from sitting to standing.


(Photo Credit: Ergo Desktop)

Another option is Beyond The Office Door’s stand only desks and adjustable height desks which raise the height of the entire desk unit. If standing desks are not an option, consider using exercise balls for desk chairs. AeroMats offers an actual desk chair with an exercise ball for a seat. This option maintains the seated worker’s posture, forcing an upright back position and a continual toning of the abs.


(Photo Credit: AeroMats)

In order to ensure a smooth transition to an ergonomic desk, you must be prepared for a few transitional challenges. With the desktop and keyboard raised to accommodate a standing operator, extension cords may be necessary to connect devices to the nearest power outlet. Also consider if the phone will need to be raised to an appropriate level. When working at a standing desk, workers should wear comfortable shoes that support posture. Mats underfoot should be used to add cushion. Adjustable height chairs should be available in case a worker needs a break from standing. Also it’s important to note that it may take a couple of weeks to become comfortable standing for long periods of time. Read about one worker’s transition to standing here.

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