For all office moves there are a few general rules of thumb for moving electronics. First try to find the original boxes for each electronic item along with the owner’s manuals. The original boxes offer the best protection to the item and the owner’s manuals should give directions for disconnecting, disassembling and reconnecting each item. Most moving companies will not be held liable for any internal damage of electronics unless that damage indicates the mover’s mishandling or negligence. It is important the electronics are packed properly to prevent damage.


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Disconnecting electronics. Before the moving company arrives, disconnect all wiring and cables for electronics including phone lines, computers, TV sets, etc. One of the challenges of disconnecting equipment is that it’s often a challenge to get everything plugged back in at the ending location. Wires can get confused and placed with the wrong equipment. Avoid this by implementing a careful labeling system. Use colored sticky labels or painters tape to tag the wires. Color-code ports and wires so it’s easy to see what cord connects to what later. It’s also a good idea to write down instructions or draw diagrams as you dismantle or disassemble equipment so that you can use it as a guide when setting up electronics later. Put this guide in the box along with the equipment. Keep cords and their electronic devices together in a box.

Computers.  Before the move be sure to back up all computer files on a flash drive, external hard drive, or in the cloud. Preferably computers should go in original boxes but if these are not available they will do just fine being carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box. If the move is only a short distance you may consider asking each employee to transport their own laptop or desktop display just by picking it up, carrying it to their vehicle and taking it to the ending location.

Printers and Copiers. These office equipment units require special care. If leased, you must contact the leasing company as they may wish to be the ones to service and transport the copier or printer. On the other hand if you transport the item or have a moving company do it, remove the toner or ink cartridge and store it in a sealable bag such as a Ziploc bag. Put the bag in the same box as the printer it was removed from.

TV sets. Many offices, especially those with waiting rooms have TV sets to transport. Be sure to remove CDs or DVDs from the television prior to moving. The TV screen should be carefully protected with bubble wrap to prevent scratches or damage and packed in a separate box. Remote controls and loose accessories such as speakers and the DVD player should be placed in a separate box that is labeled “TV parts” so that these smaller components will not get lost. Also keep in mind that most moving companies will not take down TV antennas or satellite dishes so have these items disconnected prior to the move.

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