Packing up to move an office may seem daunting when there are so many things to do for business even without office relocation on your schedule. The good news is office moving may actually be quite simple. The best thing to do is start the pack job as soon as possible once you know you’re moving.

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Books and paperwork. Begin with packing books, binders, files and documents that will not be used between now and the date of the move. Use small boxes since books and paperwork can add up to be quite heavy. Stack these neatly in small boxes using up as much of the space within the box as possible. Place books and binders on their sides then if there is space in the box above this layer, place a sheet of packing paper or newspaper then lay a layer of books on top of that on their backs. Reinforce the box with packing tape and label the contents as well as what room in the new office the books need to be placed in.

Decorations. This includes faux plants, trophies, plaques, framed photographs, or any other knick-knacks. These items can be packed well ahead of the move day as they are not essential to business. Take framed photos and plaques off of the walls and wrap each frame in packing paper then set on its side in a small box similar to packing books. If plaques are made of glass you may want to pack them in bubble wrap for a little more cushioning. Trophies can be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap if it is especially fragile. Place these in a small moving box along with any other knickknacks similarly sized.

Snack bar/kitchenette. If your office has a break area with any dishware or cookware, these may be packed before the last minute. Cookware and dishware can be wrapped in packing paper and placed in a small or medium box. Plates do best being pack on their sides and smaller pots can be placed inside larger ones to save space in the box. Remember that food and beverages should not be packed. Also don’t forget to defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before the move.

Employees’ personal items. When it comes to move day, have each employee be responsible for packing their own desk. They may also be responsible for packing their own PC display or laptop and transporting it carefully to the new location. Each personal box should be labeled with that person’s name so that it reaches their new desk at the end location.

Electronic equipment. For information about packing office electronics, read our previous blog post How to Prepare Electronics for and office move.

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