A couple weeks ago we gave some tips on How to Create a Home Office. But perhaps you already have a home office and are looking to take the next step in expanding your business. This may be to lease an office space for you to meet with customers or to grow your staff and take on some new employees. If you have frequent meetings with clients face-to-face but do not feel comfortable having them over to your house then an office space is certainly a step above meeting up at a local coffee shop. Having an office adds legitimacy to your business in the eyes of customers. 

(Photo Credit: Scott Smith Real Estate)

There are a few aspects to consider when you are shopping around for an office space. Ask the landlord if utilities are included in the monthly rent payment, if security services are provided and if a minimum deposit is required prior to beginning the lease term. Consider the accessibility of parking for both you and your customers and whether there is an additional cost for parking. Find out what your contractual obligations are as well as what sort of notice you need to give when you decide to discontinue the rental agreement. Find out if there is a receptionist or administrative assistant available on site during business hours who can serve all businesses in the office or will you need to hire your own?

Be sure that the office will suit your business. If you have customers meeting you at the office frequently then choose an office in an easy to reach location. If you have employees, choose a large open office space to encourage interaction or small enclosed rooms if the nature of the business demands privacy. The appearance of the office should also reflect your business both inside and out. If you want to show customers that you are fun and easy going then you may be in the market for a different office than if you wanted to your customers to know you are somber and serious.

When signing the lease be sure that you are comfortable with the lease term. If you are a start-up it may be wise to select a shorter lease such as a six-month or year-long lease. However if yours is a larger or more established business with steady growth, then you might prefer to sign a three year, five year or longer lease in order to lock in the lower rates available now.  Also consider how much space you may need for that length of time. What are your business plans for the next three, five, or ten years? Do you plan on hiring additional employees within that time frame? If so, plan for that and select a building that has room for a reasonable amount of growth. If you’re not sure how much growth to plan for, then keep the lease term short and select a smaller office.

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