The boxes are being packed, the movers have been selected, and it’s time to let the customer know of the change of address for the office. The process for informing customers will be different depending on the type of business. If you run a small retail shop and do not collect contact information from customers then letting them know of the relocation will be a little more challenging. Aside from posting a sign on the door you may be at a loss to find ways to direct folks to your new shop. Whereas if yours is a business where you frequently contact clients via phone email or in person you may be able to send notifications directly to the customer. Either way, we’ve got some suggestions for informing customers of the relocation and making the most of this publicity opportunity.

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1. Sign on the door. This is the most basic step you can take for any business that receives clients whether it be an office or a retail store. Post on the sign the date of move, new address as well as letting the customer know who to contact with questions or simply stating that all phone numbers and emails will remain the same. You may wish to include an invitation for the customer to find you at the new location by simply adding a line, “please visit our new location” or announcing a grand opening ceremony.

2. Flyer disbursed with transaction paperwork. Print out a number of half page or quarter page notices including the relevant information described above and either staple it to each customer receipt or simply include it with any transaction paperwork. This way the customer will walk away from the office or store front with your new address in hand.

3. Email blast. If the bulk of your business occurs online, it would be an especially good idea to inform your customers via email of the move. You may wish to notify clients that response times to customer inquiries may be delayed on the specified move date due to setting up the electronic equipment at the new location.

4. Notice on website homepage. Add an attention grabbing banner to the company’s website home page so that when clients or potential clients visit your page for information about your business or hours and contact information, they will immediately be aware of the change of address.

5. Notice on office voicemail. Add an audio recording to the office voicemail or hold line so that customers who call in can take down the address before, during, and after the move.

6. Direct mail post cards. If you have a home address for clients then you can notify them by sending out direct mail post cards. The post card should be eye catching so that it is not tossed away with junk mail. Be sure to include all relevant information and if any grand opening or ribbon cutting will take place, use this post card to announce it.

7. Announcements via newspaper, radio or TV. If affordable, make announcements publically through TV, radio or newspaper. This is especially a good idea if a grand opening celebration will take place so that more than just your previous clients have the opportunity to find out about your business.

8. Update addresses. Change the address on business cards as well as on any website where your previous address is listed.  It’s important that when customers try to find your business virtually they will not become confused by the presence of multiple addresses. Take the time to update contact information on any social media sites, customer review sites or web directories.

9. Grand opening celebration. A great way to remind previous customer of your business as well as attract new ones is to host a grand opening celebration at the new place of business. Hold this to show off the new facility as well as bring customers face to face with the company’s representatives. Wherever you post a notification of the new address, include the date and time of the grand opening. You may ask the local chamber of commerce to perform a ribbon cutting ceremony at the beginning of the celebration. The chamber may also be able to attract visitors to your event by promoting it to their members. Be sure to advertise any special attractions to draw visitors such as prize giveaways, grand opening coupons or even just a free catered lunch for all attendees.

10. Thank you cards to loyal customers. One way to reach out to customers after the move is to send thank you cards to those who have followed you to your new location and continue to purchase your products or services. This is especially important when the business is a restaurant, salon, retail store, or anywhere that clients regularly visit in person. The new address may be harder for them to get to so for them to continue making it out to your business rather than going to a competitor is something they should be thanked for.

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