If you have just relocated and are now settling into the new office space, then this may be the perfect time to get into the habit of keeping office supplies organized. Ideally you would have weeded out any paperwork that you no longer need before the move, but if this is not the case, then be sure to start your organizing by getting rid of paperwork or other items that are no longer needed. Next box or file any paperwork that is not used on a continual basis. Put it somewhere out of the way so that desks and supply cupboards are kept filled with only essential, frequently used items and paperwork.

(Photo Credit: Organize Clutter)

If you have lots of books, manuals or binders, find a bookshelf where these can be placed neatly. Leave some extra space on the shelf for the addition of more binders or books in the future. For binders, you may find it helpful to invest in a variety of colors of binders so that you can color code binders. Color coding makes it easy to see at a glance exactly which binder you need to grab off of the shelf when needed. Also add labels to the front cover and the side panel of the binder. For example you may have three blue binders, each filled with invoices and on one the label reads, “2013 Invoices” on another the label reads, “2012 Invoices” and on the last, “2011 Invoices.” Then the red binders contain receipts, and the green binders hold tax paperwork, and so on.

Find a central location to keep often-used office supplies. Whether it be a utility shelf on each desk or in a general supply area accessible to the office, it needs to be a place where items are easy to find and easy to put away. Also be sure that there is plenty of space available so that the area will not easily become overcrowded. Use shelving or small trays to keep small items separate. Label one small tray, “push-pins” another, “staples” and another “paper clips.” It’s better that miscellaneous items such as these be stored on shelves or in drawers so that surfaces can be kept neat and tidy.

The key to keeping your new office organized is to put items in places that make the most sense. Extra paper, ink, whole punches and paper cutters should all be kept in the same area as each other. Postage stamps, envelopes and address labels should be kept in the same area as each other. The more readily available an office supply is, the less time employees will spend looking for it or running across the office to fetch it. Additionally, if it makes sense to keep an item in a certain place, it will be easier for employees to replace an item in its proper place after each use.

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