Some companies move almost on an annual basis, others stay put for quite some time. Why the difference? Companies move for a number of reasons ranging from workforce growth to cost of property, to location in relation to customers, suppliers and employees. Some companies will move for a few different reasons combined. Read our list of the top six reasons why business move and share the reasons why you have decided to move your business.

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1. Company growth. Successful companies often expand and need a large space to house a larger staff or larger supply of products. This is an exciting time for a business. Just make sure before moving, that the growth is not just a seasonal phenomenon or that the new building will not be too large or too pricy for what your company needs.

2. Save money. One quite common motivator for companies moving offices is to save money. This could be done through downsizing or choosing a property that is in a less expensive area of town. Or it may be accomplished by simply switching to a different property manager who charges less per square foot than the current landlord.

3. Be closer to customers. Relocating to be closer to customers is especially important for businesses that continually have customers on-site. Some of the specific concerns involved with being closer to customers include having better visibility from the street, being in an area where there is more foot traffic, or in a safer retail environment. Store-front shops such as bakery’s, coffee shops, or clothing stores may wish to relocate for this reason.

4. Be closer to suppliers. If the business continually relies on suppliers for parts or materials, it might make sense to relocate the business so that it is closer to suppliers. This is more likely to be the case in manufacturing industries where a product made by company A is used to make a product created by company B. Another example would be for companies in related industries to relocate to even share property. For example a mortgage loan company might relocate to the same office building as a real estate company so that the home buying process will be more efficiently facilitated.

5. Be closer to employees. For offices that have a large amount of employees working onsite each day but rarely draw customers or vendors to their location, it may make sense to move an office somewhere closer to where the employees are likely to live. The reasons such a move would make sense is that if you hope to attract the top talent in your industry, then its important for the office to be conveniently located for these employees. A good example: If you are a software company than it may make sense to move to the Silicon Valley in California.

6. Bad landlords. Sometimes landlords and tenants are not able to see eye-to-eye or disagreements may arise. For example if a tenant complains about a leaky roof and the landlord fails to make amends, then the tenant may wish to seek out a different property. This may be a good time to re-assess the needs of the company in terms of size of building and location. You never know—leaving a property due to a bad landlord may see you into a less expensive property that is larger meaning that it better accommodates the recent growth of the company and also is located closer to customers.

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