It’s February 14th and love is in the air. You may be hoping to celebrate the day and do something different from the daily norm. But before getting any ideas, consider these ten office do’s and don’ts. Find out how to avoid embarrassing office blunders that commonly occur on Valentine’s Day and get some ideas for ways to celebrate the day that are acceptable in the office.

Office Don’ts

1. Don’t flirt with colleagues. Sure it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, but be careful about talking sweet to your co-worker. It could make things awkward really fast.

2. Don’t flaunt your relationship. If you work with your husband, fiancée or boyfriend, be careful not to put your romance on parade through the office. Save the flowers and chocolates for non-business hours.

3. Don’t be selective when giving cards or gifts. What you give to one person you should give to all to avoid favoritism and hurt feelings. If you are giving a card to one person, you should be prepare to give everyone cards or don’t bother giving any at all.


Office Do’s

4. Bring a treat to share. Bring a bag of chocolate candy kisses or a patch of cookies to share with co-workers to brighten up everyone’s day.

5. Wish your colleagues a Happy Valentine’s Day. A simple verbal greeting is usually well accepted and doesn’t cross the line of inappropriate things to day.

6. Wear something festive. Wear red or pink to celebrate the day or if uniform policy permits.

7. Hang a banner in the break room wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. You can do this with a banner purchased at a dollar store or simply by printing out large letters spelling out the greeting.

8. Set out a clear jar of Valentine’s candies but rather than encouraging your co-workers to take a candy, ask them to guess the number of candies the jar contains. Award the jar to the employee who guesses closest to the correct number!

9. Invite everyone in the office to bring a dish to share for lunch. See who can be most creative about coming up with heart-shaped food. Provide red, white or pink disposable plates and napkins and have a nice mid-day feast.

10. Will you by my Volunteer? What better time to volunteer your time at a local charity than on Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love. Get the whole office to take an hour out of the day to volunteer at a favorite non-profit, help out at a soup kitchen, or tutoring children after school.

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