Are you making corporate or personal relocation plans based on the job market? Many people move to cities with a better unemployment rate in search of jobs and occasionally offices will relocate in search of the right workforce. The job market can certainly hold sway in relocation decisions for both individuals and businesses alike. Take a look at this summary of the best and worst job market by city across the U.S. and within California specifically.

(Photo Credit: Orange County Register)

The Best in the U.S.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows lists Midland, Texas as the number one best city in terms of job market. With an unemployment rate of only 3.1 Midland’s main industries include the oil and gas industry as well as ranching and agriculture, health care, retirement, and transportation. Number two on the list is Bismarck, North Dakota with a 3.3 unemployment rate followed by Lincoln, Nebraska at 3.4. Looking for a good state to relocate to? North Dakota , Nebraska and South Dakota also make the top of the list for states with the best unemployment rate.  Texas falls at number 16 with an unemployment rate of 6.1 however several cities in Texas appeared numerous times near the top of the list of cities with the best rate.

The Worst in the U.S.

At the bottom of the list of cities by unemployment rate, appear Yuma, Arizona at number 372 with an unemployment rate of 27.3. El Centro, California and Merced, California place second and third for cities with the worst unemployment rate, ranking at 25.5 and 17.2 consecutively. Many California cities appear low on the list with numerous cities struggling with unemployment.

California’s Job Market

California’s job market suffers and the state places at number 49 on the list out of the 50 states. Several cities appear way down the list with El Centro and Merced at the bottom of the list for the nation. Some cities do appear higher on the nationwide list including San Francisco and San Luis Obispo ranking highest for cities within California. Their unemployment figures are both 7.3. Closely following these are San Jose and Santa Barbara, each at 7.6 which is on par with the national unemployment rate. The capital city, Sacramento places at 323 on the list of cities nationwide with an unemployment rate of 9.8 which is above the national average. Cities that placed lower on the list, with some of the highest unemployment rates nationwide include Chico, Redding, Madera, Stockton, Fresno, and Yuba City. So if you’re moving your home or business to California, the Bay area and San Luis Obispo are the places to be.

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