For many furniture pieces, simply padding and stretch wrapping the item will suffice as a safe method of preparing it for moving.  Three fairly common materials in furniture, glass, marble and slate, require a little extra care and attention.

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For tables or hutches with fragile materials such as glass, marble or slate attached, it’s best to remove the fragile material before padding the furniture. Take glass shelves out of the hutch and wrap each with a furniture pad and stretch wrap. Pad and wrap hutch separately. With tables that have a fragile surface, remove the surface if possible and pad separately from the base. If the fragile piece cannot be removed, then carefully pad the entire piece but be careful that the pads do not bunch up in any area or the pressure may cause the glass, marble or slate to shatter.

Use extra care when moving a fragile piece to and from the truck. Label the piece as fragile by attaching a sign or simply using a marker to write “fragile” on the stretch wrap. Get extra help when moving marble since it is very heavy. And don’t be fooled by the weight of the item… it is very weak and it’s own weight can cause it to break.

If boxes or crates are available, it is always a good idea to pack fragile surfaces within the box or crate. If boxes are not available, place the fragile surface atop a thick furniture pad, standing on its side, not lying flat on the truck bed or on any other item. Lean the piece against the wall of the truck and secure it in place using ratchet or buckle straps. Do not pull the straps too tight or the pressure could cause the glass, marble or slate to shatter. Be sure not to lean any furniture or boxes against the fragile piece.

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