When relocating the office it certainly helps to determine the layout of the new office prior to the move. Knowing the floor plan of the new office as well as where you intend to place each piece of office furniture or equipment will help speed things up on move day as well as ensure you are satisfied with where everything is placed.


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The first thing to do when determining the layout of a new office is to get ahold of some sort of map of the floor plan for the building you will be moving to. This could be something the property manager provides with marketing materials, or it could be a simple sketch you jotted down when touring the facility. If you have some idea of the floor plan this should help you when planning where each item will go.

It’s important to take inventory of the items that will be moved. Walk through your current office building and tally how many desks, print stations, cubicles, etc. will be moved. This will help you to discuss the scope of your move when you speak to an office moving company. Once the list is made, highlight any items that you no longer need such as 10-year-old marketing collateral, or broken equipment. Be sure to get rid of these items before moving, so that you are not carrying unnecessary items into the new office space.

If you are moving to a smaller office or are moving due to company growth and need to accommodate more workstations, be sure to consider ways you can conserve space. Since you are moving, this may be the prefect chance to install wall shelving units in order to eliminate the need for file cabinets or low cabinets that take up plenty of floor space.

Also consider putting departments closer together that regularly communicate with each other. If one department relies on constant updates from another department, don’t set up their workstations across the office from each other. Use your map of the new building to determine how workstations will fit into the space and be sure to share this plan with your relocation company. It also helps to label desks and computers so that it will be clear to the movers where each piece will go.

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