There are a few scenarios in which a business might need to establish new business partnerships. These include start-up businesses, new branches being opened, and office relocation to a new city. The types of business partners you are after will depend upon your line of business and your business needs. Perhaps you need a new accountant, banker, or promotional products specialist. Or you may be after finding businesses that you can market your product or service to. Consider the following ideas for creating strong business connections.

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Meet Possible Vendors/Clients. Put yourself in places where you are likely to meet those that you hope to do business with. This could be an organization focused on your industry or the industry of those you want to do business with. For example if you are a caterer, you might want to attend functions where hotel or venue personnel will be present. Some businesses that hope to do business with people in a wide variety of occupations, such as CPAs and bankers, may do better attending networking events with a broader scope of attendees such as a chamber of commerce.

Set Goals. Write down what you hope to accomplish by going out and meeting potential business partners. If you have certain vendor relationships you need to establish, make a list of those vendors so that you can focus your efforts and know when you have reached your goal.  If you hope to meet businesses that you can market your product or service to, consider how often you hope to set up meetings with agents of these companies. If you are not able to achieve your goals, re-evaluate if the organizations you are a part of are really offering the best way to meet businesses you are looking for.

Follow Up. Once you have connected with the right type of business, don’t slack on following up with those connections. Try getting a hold of contact management software to track important details relating to your business connections. Set reminders to periodically check in with these folks or inform them of any product changes or new services offered since you last spoke. Connect to your business partners on social media platforms and interact with them regularly.

Help Them Out. Once you have established solid vendor or client relationships, and your business has benefited from the connection, look for ways to help the other business. For example, if your business partner is a vendor, provide a testimonial about their service or refer them to another business. If the business partner is a client, consider trying their product or service so that you can cross promote each other’s business. Or suggest meeting up for coffee or a brief meeting to find out more about their business and  share ideas about how you can work together to increase productivity. If you show interest in giving and not just gaining from the relationship, you will be surprised at how much that effort will help grow your business.

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