Business moving is very different from home moving, and the process of preparing for a business move comes with its own set of rules. Find out the basic to-dos involved with business moving.

  • Decide on when the move will take place. Ideally you should allow two weeks or more to book a company and prepare for the move. Also decide if the move must take place after business hours or during business hours. Schedule your movers well in advance to accommodate your scheduling requirements.
  • Set email messages, website alerts, and voicemail scripts to inform customers of the move date, new address, and alternate contact information.
  • List the tasks that must be completed before, during and after the move and assign these tasks to individuals. Inform employees of their responsibilities including whether they need to pack their cubicle or take part in any other move preparations. Consider creating a committee to handle the moving plans if the company is a large one.
  • Determine the layout of the new office and plan in advance where desks and print stations will be placed. Communicate this layout plan with the moving company before move day.
  • Contact service providers to change your address and schedule set up times for internet, phones and other devices. If you have a leased copy machine, set up for them to move the copier for you.
  • Purchase packing supplies and give packing instructions to employees or set up for the movers to do the packing for you. Be sure that boxes get to the appropriate area in the new office by labeling the contents and the destination room. Color coding boxes based on which room or which desk they need to be moved to is a wonderful way to speed things up on move day.
  • Connect with your property manager to find out what information from the moving company they need on the insurance documents.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Sacramento employs a staff of over 40 Full-Time Movers and Drivers, with a fleet of 10 trucks. We have performed home and business moving services in and around the Greater Sacramento area for almost 10 years. Our award winning services include full service moving and packing services and we also sells boxes and packing supplies.

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