Furniture made of particle board is usually very heavy, very fragile, and nearly impossible to repair. This makes particle board a particularly difficult material to move. Stacking items on top of a particle board desk, side table, or cabinet, could irreparably damage the piece. Prevent costly damages by taking a survey of the items you will be moving and setting aside or flagging any items that are made of particle board. This way you will remember to give these items extra care when moving.  Follow our guide of a few simple do’s and don’ts to ensure your particle board furniture gets safely from point A to B.

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DO’S when handling particle board:
1. DO secure all screws, bolts, and tacks
2. DO secure the backing on the unit
3. DO pad the piece if it is sturdy enough
4. DO stretch wrap an unstable or a fragile piece—this should make the item sturdier

DON’TS when handling particle board:
5. DON’T use as a base item when stacking in the truck
6. DON’T slide the item along the ground
7. DON’T use the wheels on particleboard items—lift the piece and carry it to the truck
8. DON’T lean, stand, or stack heavy items on it
9. DON’T lift particle board from the top—lift from the bottom or sides
10. DON’T tip tall, heavy, or wide particle board items—this puts a lot of pressure on the structure of the item, causing it to snap

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