Relocating an office can be just as stressful for a business, its employees, and even customers, as it is for a home relocation. Cut down the amount of the company faces on move day by preparing ahead and following a few simple tips for a stress-free office relocation.

(Photo Credit: MoveMeRelocations)

  1. Map out where each desk will be placed in the new building ahead of time so that things will go much quicker on move day. Show this map to employees so that they can easily find their new desk. Also share this with the moving company ahead of time so that they can plan ahead and be prepared for any sharp corners, stairs or other building features.
  2. Supply anyone who is packing boxes or office supplies with the proper equipment. In addition to boxes and packing supplies, colorful labels or markers are a great way to separate which items will go in which areas of the new building. For example the desk, phone, computer, and boxes of miscellaneous items from person 1 can all be labeled with a red label, while all of person 2’s items are labeled with blue. This way it will be easy for both the employees and the movers to see which items to keep together in the new office. Alternately you could use numbers so that all boxes labeled “#1” will go to “cubicle #1.”
  3. Contact the company that leases out your copy machine to set up for them to move the copier separately from the rest of the items that are being moved.
  4. Disconnect all computers, phones and electrical equipment. Remove artwork or mounted shelves from the walls, since most moving companies will not remove items from walls.
  5. Ask employees to move any of their personal items from their desks and transport them personally.
  6. Assign someone within the company with the task of being the liaison for the moving company, who will be available on move day to direct the movers.
  7. Be sure that clients are made aware of move plans prior to the move or while the move is in place. It’s important that they know how to contact you after the move or if you aren’t able to conduct business as usual during the move, make them aware of this ahead of time so they do not think that they are being ignored. Read our previous blog post to find out how to let customers know of an office relocation.

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