Today’s topic doesn’t address the usual planning or packing tips for an office relocation but rather addresses the serious topic of fun in the workplace. Fun in the work place is often over looked but it is a very important topic. Fun in the workplace not only increases employee morale but may increase excitement about the company from outside influencers (customers, community partners).

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One of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s core values is “to be your best and have fun” so to us, finding ways to have fun in the workplace is always a priority. Workplace fun does not mean having a pizza party every other day. Workplace fun can simply mean finding a new way to do a project, enhancing camaraderie, or celebrating the achievement of goals.

Here are five suggestions for how to bring a little fun into the workplace.

1. Use social media to unite the staff

Set up a Facebook group or Google+ circle for employees only. This is where employees can share positive feedback received from customer, product launch results, motivational quotes or invitations to professional mixers. Just make sure that this is seen as a “fun” page with a good-news-only rule so that employees want to log-in and engage.

2. Encourage engagement at employee meetings

The employee meeting is drawing to a close and the speaker welcomes questions…. You hear crickets! How should you overcome this situation and add in a little fun? Engage the audience by offering prizes to those who speak up first or throw in a few trivia questions and see who was paying the most attention.

3. Find little ways to celebrate the achievement of goals

If sales is a big part of the business, set sales goals and see who can bring in the most new accounts. Celebrate the achievement by offering an award to the winner. The award could be as simple as writing out a heartfelt note of encouragement and praise to the individual or as much as offering them a weekend get-away at a nearby resort.

4. Set up fun events for the staff to get to know one another

Find a regular time for the staff to meet up and engage in fun events where everyone can get to know one another outside the office. This could be anything from a weekly or monthly lunch outing, to an annual holiday party or summer BBQ. Another idea is to set up for everyone to attend a local sporting event and go as a group. Spending time having fun outside the office can be a good way to boost camaraderie amongst the staff.

5. Bring in the community for more fun

Arrange for a day to include the general public in the “workplace fun.” This works well if your business is a place that clients normally spend at least a couple of hours such as an event space that can be rented, a hotel, senior apartments, or even a museum, This allows customers and customers-to-be to get to know the staff and latch on to the fun environment. Fit the community fun day to the atmosphere of the business. If it is a children’s museum, set up kid friendly activities such as carnival rides or face painting. If the business is a hotel host a happy hour and offer wine, crackers, cheese and give tours of the property.

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