Computers and copiers both are fragile, expensive and in the case of the computer, carry very important data. There are special handling instructions for these items that must be followed when packing and moving each of these pieces of equipment.

home computer wrapped up in brown paper on a white background


Computers are usually very valuable both monetarily and with personal information, so if you need to move one, the best packaging in the original material. If this is not available, then pink (anti-static) bubble wrap and packing paper can be used as padding along with a dish pack. The dish pack box is both large enough to contain a bulky monitor as well as thicker and sturdier than regular boxes making it extra protective. These are the recommended pieces of equipment for packing up a computer. Never use a pad to wrap the computer. Dust and dirt particles, as well as a static-electric charge, could get into the computer and cause major problems.

Use the pink (anti-static) bubble wrap to totally encase the components of the computer. Next place the side of the base, where the mother board is located, at the bottom end of the dish pack. Pack additional wrap or paper around the edge of the box if necessary to fill any empty space. Place a protective layer of cardboard down next and place the monitor on top of that. Fill all empty space with paper or additional bubble wrap and pack the cords and accessories around that. Your computer is now ready for transport.

When moving computers from a business you may want to utilize a computer cart. These carts have two or three shelves and will allow you to move several computers at once. With the computers properly padded in then pink (anti-static) bubble wrap and padded in the cart, the movers can stretch wrap the entire cart in order to secure the computers. This cart can then be rolled onto the truck and secured to the side with ratchet straps. Multiple carts may be needed depending on the size of the business.


If the copier is leased, you will need to contact the leasing company and ask if the contract includes provisions for moving. If so, the leasing company may prefer to move it. If not, and you decide to have the moving company move it, if possible, remove all the plastic shelves and the toner cartridge, even if it is not liquid. Beware of older model copiers that use liquid toners—these must be drained. The movers will handle the rest!

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