When the moving company you’ve selected shows up to help you with the move, it’s important to understand the papers you are being asked to sign prior to the move. In particular, pay attention to the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading is a contract between the mover and the customer that also acts as a receipt for the goods being transported. Because this is a legal document, it is important to understand it fully before signing it. If any part of the bill is incorrect or unacceptable, do not sign it until you’ve reached an agreement with the mover.  

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This bill contains information that the moving company needs to know in order to process, deliver and invoice the shipment correctly. Additionally the bill of lading is the document needed for handling all claims, compensation for damage, delay or loss and for resolving any disputes that arise between the moving company and the customer.

  • Items that are included on the Bill of Lading include:
  • Name of Customer (shipper) and address
  • Name of Mover (carrier) and address
  • Departure address
  • Destination address
  • Date of shipment departure and arrival
  • Type and amount of vehicles
  • Itemized list of goods being transported
  • Number of packages
  • Weight of the shipment—if multiple items are being shipped then the weight of each item is listed separately
  • The declared value of the goods
  • The rate (cost) of shipping the goods

There may also be special instructions for the mover (carrier) to ensure prompt delivery as well as order tracking information. If any hazardous materials are included in the shipment these must also be disclosed on the Bill of Lading.

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