During the disarray of an office relocation, it’s important to have a system for labeling and tracking office equipment. As the boxes are packed, each should be labeled with its contents, what room it should be placed in, and possibly even the name of the employee who’s desk it should be placed on.

Create a list of office equipment that each employee has at their workstation and add a column for each employee. Use this checklist to track when each items is packed, labeled, moved and placed in its final destination.


Use labels for each of the items in the list to identify which employee that equipment belongs to. This ensures box gets to the right employee at their new workstation. For items that do not belong to a specific employee create labels and checklist columns titled “conference room,” “copy room,” or “file drawer.” Be sure that employees know to handle any personal equipment or laptops so that these do not end up in lost and found.

After everything has been moved out of the office, walk through with your checklist to make sure that all of the items have been moved. At the new location, walk through again to check that the items reach the proper location.

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