We have shared several pre-move checklists and how-to’s on moving the office. Today’s post focuses on five quick ways to save time and money while reducing stress. Follow these five tips for the most seamless and stress-free office move.

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1. Use totes – Beyond just being the “green” option for moving, reusable plastic totes can speed up the packing and unpacking process. These boxes are perfect for containing files, books and miscellaneous office supplies, plus they stack easily on the truck. Totes can be rented out for the day of the move.

2. Empty file cabinets – It is easy to forget packing up the contents of a file cabinet. Be sure that before the movers arrive empty horizontal file cabinets completely and the top two drawers of four-drawer filing cabinets. The reason files cannot be left in the cabinets is that the weight of the files may actually cause the cabinet to warp in transit. You can place the files in order in the reusable totes mentioned above and label the totes so that it’s easy to put the files right back where they go when the move is complete.

3. Use carts – Computer carts or library carts are perfect for placing a couple computer monitors upon and simply rolling out to the moving truck. It is always a good idea to wrap the computers in anti-static bubble wrap, but you can eliminate the cardboard box by securing the monitors to the computer cart. This is a quick easy way to transport the computers from one office to another. It cuts down on the time it takes to pack, load, unload and unpack the computers while still getting them safely from point A to point B. Carts can be rented out for the day of the move.

4. Prepare a floor plan – It is important to have a floor plan for the new office so that everyone is clear on where everything will go. Share this plan with the moving company you have selected so that the moving crew can quickly and efficiently place workstations in their designated move-to spots with minimal direction needed.

5. Implement a labeling system – Similar to having a floor plan, it is important to label every piece that is being moved, whether it is the desk itself or a moving box. Choose different colors of labels for each workstation of office to identify quickly and easily each item will be placed. You can also assign each workstation a number and attach that number to the desk, chair, computer and any other items from that workstation so they all end up in the right place at the move-to location. For more information about labeling systems, contact our office move specialists at (916) 852-7411 or info@twomen.com.

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