There’s always a need for communicating regularly with the office staff. Sometimes it is informing about new company policies, other times it may be asking for opinions. Memos or mass emails are normally used to communicate these messages but have you ever considered blogging or posting updates for employees through social media?  It could be a great way to encourage discussion about a topic or generate excitement about a new product launch or office relocation.

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Start An Intra-Office Blog. There are many companies who publish blogs appealing to the customer, but do you know of any businesses that blog to an intra-office audience? None, right? Why would they? Well there are a few really good reasons to blog for those within the company. For example if you are releasing a new product a blog can be a good way of communicating product developments and launch statistics. Or if your office is moving, a blog can be a good way of keeping everyone in the loop. Share a diagram of the new office layout and give everyone an idea where their new cubicle will be. If you are re-carpeting the office and cannot decide on a carpet sample, put it up for a vote by posting photos and using a polling feature available on most blog templates. Sure many businesses accomplish this through email, but moving the discussion to a blog keeps everyone’s email free of “clutter” and allows an easy format for discussion in the comments section.

Interact Through Social Media. Another way to keep employees informed or generate discussion is through LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. On LinkedIn and Facebook it is possible to create a group just for your office staff’s discussion. You can use this to share brief updates such as congratulating a team member for high performance the past month or to communicate office move updates such as, “the movers arrive at 5pm – have your desks packed!”  Since most professionals are active on social media sites, it makes sense to use this outlet to communicate with employees and generate discussions or excitement about a topic.

Keep It Fun. If you do switch to using blogs or social media to communicate updates with your staff, try to keep it fun. If posts are dull, have a negative tone, or are irrelevant, employees are likely not to respond to a topic or to block out the posts entirely.

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