Making the transition to a new office can seem like a complicated job. However, by planning the move ahead of time the transition can be much smoother.  Experts suggest appointing one person to organize the company move. This “point” person is responsible for all communications and logistics.


 The more coordinated and organized the move is prior to move day, the more efficient and quick the actual effort. This will help save the company costs and the employees’ time.

Create a short guide for employees describing all procedures they need to follow during and after the move. Remember to include a packing schedule. It is also helpful to provide floor plans and diagrams of the office layout, as well as other details about the new location to prevent confusion.

Pack electronic equipment, like computers and printers, in original boxes whenever possible. Otherwise use low-static bubble wrap. For larger electronic items, like copy machines and printers, consult with the vendor or manufacturer regarding the proper method for transportation.

When moving an office, keep these tips in mind:

•              Notify all associates about the move, including employees, landlords, movers and renters. Inform suppliers, magazines, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs and other organizations of the new address. Get the proper change of address forms at the United States Post Office.

•              Let employees know not to overpack boxes. The heavier the item, the smaller the box.

•              Label boxes on tops and ends. That way movers know where to place boxes at a glance.

•              Seal boxes with packing tape. Never use duct tape and don’t interlock tops.

•              Empty desks and pack all contents in boxes. Seal loose materials and small items in plastic bags or envelopes, then put in boxes with other items.

•              Keep security files locked during the move. If security regulations require escorts, make special arrangements with the moving company prior to the move.

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