When relocating to a new office, you may find it’s about time for fresh office furniture as well. Look around the office… are the desks suffering from wear and tear? Is the overall look and feel of the office a little run-down or outdated? The appearance, comfort and efficiency of desks, file cabinets and cubicles actually do make a difference for employees and in some cases customers as well. If the furniture is due for an upgrade, then the perfect time to exchange the old for the new is when moving offices. This way the new items can be delivered directly to the new office and the old can be sold or taken to the dump.

(Photo Credit: Officefurniturenj.net)

It is important to order new furnishings as soon as possible to ensure they arrive in time for the staff to move-in. However do not order pieces before you have settled on a new building. It’s important to know the dimensions of the new office so that you can map out a plan for where each furniture piece will go and determine what sizes of desks, cubicles and shelves will fit the space. You can have the pieces scheduled to arrive a day or two before the staff moves in so that you will have time to walk through and look for damaged or missing pieces.

When purchasing or renting new office furniture consider the ergonomic benefits, sustainability, and design.  Ergonomic chairs and desks that support the posture of the staff member come at a higher price tag but are gaining appeal for the increased efficiency of workers as well as long term health benefits. Sustainable furniture, made from recycled materials would be a good option for anyone seeking to be more environmentally responsible. Lastly, the design or appearance of the furniture is important if you are hoping to project a specific image. For example if clients regularly meet at your office building, it’s important to project a polished, professional image. Or if you are hoping to attract high-caliber personnel, they may be more inclined to work for a company that offers appealing work-spaces.

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