Whether you are moving your home office along with the rest of the home or moving out of a home office into a new building, we’ve got a few tips to help make it a smooth process.

(Photo Credit: Idealhomegarden.com)

  1. Start with the right materials. Get small, sturdy boxes to pack files, computer parts, small electronic items and miscellaneous desk tools like pens and scissors. Wrap electronics and fragile items in bubble wrap or a couple layers of packing paper to protect from scratches or chips.
  2. You may leave some of the lighter-weight items in the desk drawers if you stretch-wrap the desk to keep the drawers from falling out.
  3. You can skip packing the bottom drawers of a vertical file cabinet. These are fine to stay in the cabinet. Remove all files from the top drawers of vertical file cabinets and all files from horizontal cabinets to prevent the cabinet buckling under the weight of the files.
  4. Don’t bother moving documents you no longer need. Remember that any papers older than 7 years can generally be thrown out. For all documents you decide to keep, pack them carefully, in order, and make specific notes on the outside of the box. This way you will be able to easily replace documents when you are unpacking later.
  5. Remember the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Place books and piles of paperwork in small boxes.
  6. Before packing up electronics, use a flash drive or external hard drive to back-up all the needed files from your computer or tablet. If possible, pack computers in their original box. If that box is not available, use a sturdy, medium-size cardboard box and plenty of bubble wrap.
  7. If you ever meet with clients at your home office, remember to notify them that you have a new location.

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