Will your company be relocating an employee to a foreign country for a job assignment? This type of relocation is often beneficial to the company for a variety of reasons but can be highly disruptive to the employee and may even cause them to leave the company if things do not go well. Be sure to consider several factors that make employee relocation successful for the business and the employee.

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1. Give the employee the ability to choose the mover. Do the research and present them with three options of the movers you are willing to pay for and let them choose which one they feel most comfortable with transporting their belongings. Make sure you and the employee are clear on the budget for the pack and move of their belongings. If this move is short-term and the employee intends to return, it might be best to leave some—or even most—items behind.

2. Vaccinations and visas need to be obtained. Any accompanying documentation needed for a permanent or long-term move should also be sorted out.

3. Banking in another country can be tricky so the employee who is moving should speak to their banker about their options of international banking and money transfers. Additionally, the employer should set up a liberal expense account for the employee who will face the all the costs associated with living abroad.

4. Look into proper attire in the country and inform the employee of the type of clothing that is appropriate. Sometimes lack of safety happens as a result of criminals considering someone to be a tourist or to be inappropriately dressed.

5. As an employer, send the employee on a vacation to the country they will be relocated to prior to the move so that they can become familiar with the location. However realize that having a vacation somewhere and living there are two completely different experiences.

6. If an employee will need to speak a different language in the country they are moving to, you may need to reimburse them for a language learning program. The employee should know the language at a proficient level before leaving their home country.

7. If the employee has a spouse or children, moving overseas becomes more challenging. This could be a devastating change for them. Whether the family stays at home or goes along to the new country, either way there will be challenges. If they stay home, they will have a difficult time coming up with finances for two households as well as keeping in touch with the loved one abroad. It will be essential to provide the employee with the time off and possibly a small bonus sum for periodic travel back home to visit loved ones. If the family comes along, there will be the additional stress of housing a family, finding a job for the spouse, and schools for the kids.

8. The employee may wish to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email to keep in touch with friends and family left behind. Skype is a great way to have face-to-face talks. This can be a very reassuring and beneficial way for the employee to keep emotions in check and to get support from people who know them well.

9. Once abroad, employees need to be prepared for the excitement to wear off after a couple of months. The first few months will feel like an amazing vacation and you’ll spend a lot of it discovering things and feeling excited. However, eventually you’ll realize that you’re actually having a life there and it isn’t half as exciting as you thought.

10. Communication with the employee is also very important. If any other staff members have worked at a foreign posting, suggest that the employee talks to these others who have had a similar experience. Be sure to keep an open communication line with the employee while they are abroad. Determine in advance what regular times you will meet and through what media. For example set a Skype chat appointment at least once a seek to check in and keep home office and the employee at a foreign posting up to date on any progress or changes. Write an agreement outlining specifics of the employee’s stay abroad and include the timeframe in which the employee will return to home office.

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