Staring at the computer screen with a case of writer’s block? Maintaining a blog for your business can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes coming up with a topic for a blog post can take just as long as writing the post itself. Here are a few ideas to help you get thinking of some topics for your next blog post.

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  1.  Look up question answer sites such as Yahoo Answers or Quora. Search through keywords related to your industry on these sites to find out what types of questions people are asking. Many times I will give a lengthy answer to a question on Quora and then realize that that would make a great blog post. So I copy and paste it to the blog, make some adjustments; perhaps add more content, then post on the blog.
  2.  Listen to your customers and answer most commonly asked questions or concerns. Take these questions and write answers to them in a blog post. After posting it save the link to that specific blog post so that whenever those questions come up in the future you can smoothly send that customer over to your FAQ blog post.
  3. Think of topics not directly in your field of business but still related. If you try to broaden your scope of the type of article you cover, you can increase your readership and attract new visitors interested in similar fields to yours. For example if you are not a real estate agent but hope to attract real estate agents to your interior design firm, post some blog articles on real estate topics to attract that type of visitor to your site.
  4. Look through the newspaper or online news sites. These can give insight into news that affects your industry, which you can comment on in a blog. Reference the article and share your opinion.
  5. Explain common misconceptions in your industry. Do you find that your clients are often confused by certain aspects of your industry or seem to think it is a certain way when it is not? It’s uncommon for a client to know more about your industry than you… the expert. So use your blog to explain what many seem to be confused about.
  6. How-to blog posts. Share the tips and tricks and how-to’s related to your business. For moving popular subjects could be how to pack the kitchen, how to move with pets, or how to implement a labeling system for an office move.
  7. Use list posts. Come up with a list such as “10 ways to get out of packing” or “5 money saving tips for your move” and share it in a blog post. Readers seem to love lists! It’s like a bullet point outline which is often simple to digest and quicker to read than several dense paragraphs.
  8. Share checklists. Think of checklists that would be beneficial to customers. For the moving industry it could be a “month before the move checklist,” “packing supplies checklist” or a “business move checklist.”
  9. Life events related to industry. Moving often happens in conjunction with life events including getting a new job, having a baby, getting married, retiring, going to college, buying a first home or unfortunately sometimes divorce or death. All of these life events can make great blog articles. Your article could be a discussion on combining households in the event of a marriage or how to get to know a new town after an interstate relocation related to a career change or job transfer.

To be continued next week…

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