Staring at the computer screen with a case of writer’s block? Maintaining a blog for your business can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes coming up with a topic for a blog post can take just as long as writing the post itself. Here are a few ideas to help you get thinking of some topics for your next blog post.  (See previous blog for Part 1).

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 Consider problems related to your industry. One thing that has been a problem for some movers in the industry is the spread of bed bugs which may lodge in furniture pads and transfer to another customer’s belongings. You could write a post on how your company is preventing such a problem or dealing with the problem if it exists in your organization. Or you can share how a customer can get rid of bed bugs or prevent them from spreading when they move.

Share visual content. If you have new photos or videos you can share these on your blog. Simply post an embedded YouTube video with a short summary. Or post a series of photos with short descriptions or taglines under each photo.

Staff changes. Have you hired a new employee or brought on an intern? Have you shifted a current employee to a new position or given a raise? These are all notorious events that your clients may be interested in hearing about.

Training methods or certifications earned. Explain the training methods used in your business. Of course too much detail is not essential… the point is not to train your readers… but simply summarize how you train your staff and why that is important or beneficial. For example our company takes great care to train our movers so that they will be able to handle customer’s belongings with speed, efficiency, safety and care. We might want to highlight this in a blog by mentioning a few of the practices our movers go through in training and why this helps them be better movers.

Highlight community involvement. If your company does a lot of charity work or volunteering in the community, this is an excellent topic for a blog. Write about what it is you do in the community and how your efforts have helped bring about positive change. Talk about why you are passionate about the charity work you do.

Introduce a contest. Holding a contest is a great way to engaged readers or add a fun element to your blog. Come up with a contest such as a photo contest in which you ask your readers to submit the best photo of X. Perhaps you are holding a contest on Facebook which you can fully explain on the blog and then direct readers to your Facebook in order to enter.

Introduce a product. Are you adding a new product to your product mix? After releasing the product publish a blog post explaining the features of this new product and how it is better or different from what you are already offering.

Compare your product to others on the market. How is your product different from your competitors? What benefit does your product provide that is missing in other products? Explain this to your readers.

Growth report. Use your blog to highlight company growth since it had first begun or within a certain date range such as the past year or five years. Also use this post to share plans for future growth and goals for where you want your company to be in another year or five years.

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